The village of Sivas is located 62km away from Herraklion, on the western slopes of Asterousia Mountains, at an altitude of 110m. Little has changed in the village as days go by. Life revolves around the square where you can enjoy the company of local people who always make you feel welcome.

Sivas is the name of the old city from the Hellenistic times. The department of culture declared it as a culturally protected living area. In Sivas, in 970, John the Hermit (John Xenos) was born, who faught for Christianity in Crete. After the victory of Nikiforos Fokas against the Arabs, he founded many monasteries. People say that in former days the village was called Cevahir, which in Turkish means “Diamant”. Just outside Sivas, there is a historical water spring near the road. From the 26th to the 29th of August, there are some nice events held in Sivas, such as exhibitions, theatrical performances, youth-events and many more. At the 29th of August, the events come to an end with a big traditional party with Cretan music.


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