Kalamaki Village is fairly new and constantly developing, built on a beach of exceptional natural beauty and character. The greenfinch of the area is unique, with cedar trees centuries old, lilies of sea, aromatic herbs etc. Kalamaki is located 2.5 km from the beautiful village of Kamilari and it is characterized as an archeological site. It is one of the three villages that constitute the community of Kamilari.

The beach in Kalamaki is wonderful and extended, over 3 kms long and covered with fine golden sand. The Caretta-Caretta tortoises lay their eggs on the beach, among the sand-dunes of Kalamaki and there is an information kiosk in the community.

The view from the beach is also magnificent. On the right side of Kalamaki one can see the resort town of Agia Galini and at a distance on the horizon the small islands of the Messara gulf, Paximadia.

The area of Kalamaki has been inhabited during the Minoan, Hellenistic and Roman period. Next to Kalamaki there is the archeological site of Kommos, a port of ancient Phaistos.

Outside the community the church "Palies Eklisies" is placed, built in the 18th century, probably on the ruins of a Roman temple. Kalamaki was built during the 80's, while the first houses were built during the 60's. The community is developing into a modern, touristic seaside resort.


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